Chimney Lining Services in Braintree, Massachusetts

Why Line Your Chimney?


Definition of a Flue Liner

A Flue Liner is defined as a clay ceramic or metal liner installed inside a chimney.

  • Contain combustion products
  • Direct them to the outside atmosphere
  • Protect the chimney walls from heat and deterioration

Reasons to Reline

  • Addresses incorrect chimney construction
  • Corrects safety issues created by chimney fires, deterioration, or acts of nature
  • Improves the system’s performance
  • NFPA 211 requires lining
  • Reduces loss of life and property
  • Alternative to tearing chimney down
  • Peace of mind for you and the homeowner

Elements of Chimney Lining

    Unlined chimneys:
    • Allow for heat transfer to combustible materials causing fire or pyrolysis
    • Allow flue gases to attack masonry structure and shorten its life
    • Have the potential to allow carbon monoxide or smoke to leak into the home
    • Improper chimney clearances to combustibles
    • Missing or misaligned flue tiles
    • Missing mortar joints (dry stacked)


Chimney Relining Corrects Safety Issues Created by:

  • Chimney Fires
  • Earthquakes
  • Lighting
  • Water Damage
  • System deterioration caused by acidic flue gases

Chimney Fires

Signs of A Chimney Fire
  • Light, fragile, tissue-paper-like ash from the burned creosote
  • Random clean areas throughout the flue
  • Metal components of dampers, chimney caps, metal smoke chambers, etc. are warped or discolored.

How does relining improve the system’s performance?

  • Matches appliance flue outlet to proper flue size for maximum heater efficiency
  • Downsizes over-sized flues, helping to eliminate flue gas spillage
  • Allows for a direct connect from the appliance to the top of the chimney ie. hearth stove insert
  • Reduces wet time of flue- this reduces excessive condensation problems and creosote buildup
  • Maintains flue gas temperature to ensure flue gas escapes in chimneys which have great exposure to the outside cold environment

Chimney Relining Reduces Loss of Life and Property

  • There were 40,300 home heating equipment fires in 1996. These resulted in 460 deaths, 1120 injuries, and 453.6 million dollars in property damage.
  • Carbon Monoxide is the leading cause of poisoning in the USA. CO is colorless, odorless, tasteless, & can be deadly.

Applications for Relining

  • Fireplace
  • Insert into a fireplace system: pellet, wood, coal, gas, oil
  • Stove into a fireplace system: pellet, wood, coal, gas, oil
  • Stove into a chimney: pellet, wood, coal, gas, oil
  • Gas logs
  • Gas furnace, boiler, water heater into a chimney
  • Oil furnace, boiler, water heater into a chimney
  • Unusual applications include pizza ovens, coffee roasters, etc.
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