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Eurosweep Chimney Service has loyally serviced the town of Braintree, MA since we were first established in 1989. We take great pride in knowing that the houses in Braintree are well cared for by our chimney professionals. Eurosweep Chimney Service has a great relationship with the people of Braintree, MA. This is evident by the number of returning customers that we have every year.
We are proud to call ourselves the premier full-service chimney professionals of the Greater Boston area. We offer 24-hour emergency service to residential and commercial properties. Our multi-level chimney evaluation process is both thorough and accurate to solve any chimney cleaning or remediation needs.
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No Heat and Hot Water Emergencies
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Appliance Installation: Have your Chimney Inspected FIRST!

If you are considering installing a new furnace or hot water boiler, please contact us so that we can inspect your chimney to determine if it can vent your new appliances. New appliances installed on chimneys today are considered more efficient so if installed on a chimney that needs repairs, you will have problems with the chimney drafting properly. This can cause exhaust gases to leach into the house jeopardizing your health and safety.
Take care of your chimney maintenance by having your chimney inspected and swept. If we haven't seen you since last year, or perhaps in a few years, now is the time to call and schedule your next appointment. Spring is a great time to contact us if you are having problems with your chimney. We will have ample time during the spring and summer to rectify your problems. It is also the end of the burning season for stoves and fireplaces. We can sweep and inspect your flues before the burning season begins next fall. A professional sweeping often helps remove foul smelling odors from your fireplace or wood stove that can occur during the hot summer weather.